Black Friday offers 2021

We have collected the best Black Friday offers of 2021 on Hardware Wallets from Ledger, Cryptotag and BitBox. On this page you will find all relevant offers, including discounts on hardware wallets, word seeds and other crypto related products.

Ledger Black Friday

This year we have a very special offer in collaboration with Ledger. The most sold wallet worldwide, the Ledger Nano S, has a discount up to 25%! Dit is even more than you get when you buy directly from Ledger. We would recommend to not wait to long as stock might run out. Because of the worldwide chip shortage the Nano X has been hard to supply, and because of this reason there is not a special offer coming from Ledger. To meet our customers with a nice gesture we now offer the Nano X wit ha 10 euro discount. This brings the Nano S to 50 euro, and the Nano X to just below 120 euro.

Cryptotag Black Friday

Cryptotag also joins the Black Friday party this years, with a whopping 23% discount on the Cryptotag Zeus and their expansion kit! This is the highest discount that we have ever offered on the Cryptotag. We were expecting around 10 euro, but in collaboration with the manufacturer we are able to offer the 23% discount! This is perfect when you would like to securely store a second word seed, want to try out Shamir backup or simply the first time you are testing a Titanium storage for your 12 to 24 words. We do not expect prices to be this low anytime soon, so make sure to stock up on what you need.

BitBox Black Friday

This hardware wallet is developed in Switzerland and also has a Black Friday offer in 2021. The discount is not has high compared to their respected competitors, but still a nice opportunity to get to know these special hardware wallets. This year you will get 10 euro discount on both the BitBox02 Multi and the BTC only edition.

Black Friday Trezor

Unfortunately Trezor is missing this year from the Black Friday offers. This is related to the production delays that have caused the Trezor Model T to be sold out several times. To prevent things from getting worse, they will skip this years black Friday offer and focus on their production and inventory. In case you need a hardware wallet urgently we would recommend going for the Ledger or BitBox.