Yubico Security Key NFC


The Security Key NFC by Yubico combines hardware-based authentication, public key cryptography, and U2F and FIDO2, along with USB and NFC capabilities all-in-one to help eliminate account takeovers across desktops, laptops and mobile.

  • Works out of the box with Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, and hundreds of other services.
  • Supports FIDO2 and U2F
  • Enhanced injection molding process leads to strongest and most durable security key to market
  • USB-A, NFC

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Security Key Series by Yubico – An Overview

The Security Key Series by Yubico combines hardwarebased authentication, public key cryptography, and the U2F and FIDO2 protocols to eliminate account takeovers. There is one security key within this series – The Security Key NFC by Yubico. The Security Key NFC works out of the box with hundreds
of services already supporting FIDO U2F and FIDO2 authentication protocols including personal Microsoft accounts (for passwordless login), Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, a growing list of password managers, and many more FIDO2
and U2F compatible websites.  No additional software is required and authentication is easy, fast, and reliable. Simply insert the Security Key NFC into
a USB port and authenticate with a simple touch, or tap the Security Key NFC to an NFC-enabled device for fast, easy, and secure authentication. The Security Key Series is crush-resistant and water-resistant, does not require batteries, has no moving parts, and is always on and accessible ensuring you can log in to your accounts with just a touch.

Flexible Authentication Options – Passwordless,
2FA and MFA

FIDO2 and U2F are modern authentication protocols that deliver a high level of security using public key cryptography. FIDO2 marks an evolution of U2F by now enabling multiple user scenarios including strong first factor (passwordless),
strong second factor or multi-factor authentication (passwordless plus PIN). With these capabilities, the Security Key Series can entirely replace weak static username/password credentials with strong passwordless hardware-backed security, ensuring that these credentials cannot be reused, or shared across services. This helps protect against phishing and MiTM attacks and also mitigates risks related to server breaches. These protocols are also privacy preserving, with no personally identifiable information stored on the device, ensuring safety even if the
key is misplaced.

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