Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges

If you want to buy cryptocurrency, it is essential to pick a reliable Exchange to perform your transactions. Costs is just one of the factors that should help you device, but there are many other important variables that form our favorite crypto-excanges. In this article we will guide you through our top 5; where we will look at things like reliability, security, costs, customer service, number of coins and many more things. At the bottom of the page you can find an overview of the exchanges with their strengths and weaknesses.

1. Coinbase – NASDAQ listed company

Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency exchange that went to the NASDAY, and has become one of the most valuable companies in their top 500. The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and has over 56 million customers. Coinbase is suitable for both consumers as large-companies; and has over 223 billion dollars of assets under management. They where the first crypto-exchange that made it easy for people to buy and sell Bitcoin, and play an important role in the success story of Bitcoin. Coinbase has a very easy front-end interface that is great for new users; and once you get familiar you can go to the PRO environment that allows more options and lower fees. Please note that the regular interface charges higher fees, but is very easy to use.

First exchange in the world, since 2021
Based and supervised in the USA
Great security with 2FA, Cold Locks and Whitelisting.

Not so great
Poor customer support

Offer: Get $10 free when purchasing $100 worth of crypto

$10 Free on Coinbase

2. Binance – The biggest exchange with the most coins

When you are looking for the largest exchange with the most amount of coins, Binance is your friend. Where most other platforms support around 50 different cryptocurrencies, you will find hundreds or maybe even thousands of different coins here. From smaller Altcoins to the newest hype. Binance constantly keeps adding new coins and is usually ahead of the competition when it comes to listing coins and introducing new features. Binance is located on the Cayman Islands. As a result they might have less overslight and loser regulations, which boost innovation but might compromise some security. It is up to you wheter you feel confident trading your coins on a Cayman Island listed company. We would strongly advice to not leave your coins here, and make sure to use a hardware wallet to store your coins.

Most coins worldwide
Support for Staking, Lending, and Earn
Biggest platform in Volume

Not so great
Located in Cayman Islands
Confusing interface
Restrictions on buying with USD and EUR

Promo: 5% kickback on your transactions

5% kickback Binance

3. Waves – Beste decentralised exchange

Waves runes on their WAVES token and is Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Their DEX interface is great for buying and selling many different kinds of cryptocurrencies. There are some interesting earning-models, that can yield profits up to 60% per year. However, it is sometimes unclear how exachtly this works and what the risks are. Waves is not very clear on this, so you have to keep in account that yields like this usually come with high risks as well. Waves can be used 100% anonymous without any user details.

Decentralised DEX
High yields up to 60%
Independent of government, companies, etc.

Not so great
Unclear on the specifics of their yield-models
Risks involved when using high yields.
Headquarter in Russia.
No direct trade with USD or EUR.

Promo: Get 0.3% extra when buying USDN

0.3% reward on USDN

4. Kraken – Great allrounder

Kraken does everything pretty well, but does not really stand out as exceptional.  This makes it a great allrounder for somebody that simply wants one exchange that does everything you need in a secury way. They are a known-name with a headquarter in San Francisco. You will find a few dozen different coins, good trading options and also direct trading in USD en EUR. Their customer service has a great reputation and is known to give quick and useful replies. Note that the fee can be higher for small trades, but goes down quite quickly once trading larger volumes.

Great allrounder
Buy and sell in USD and EUR
Customer Service has great reputation
ETH2 staking

Not so great
Limited number of coins
Little more expensive in smaller volumes


5. Bitvavo – Best European Exchange

Our favorite European exchange is Bitvavo. A relative new company (2018) that has grown to the biggest exchange in the Netherlands and a major player in Europe.  They are located in Amsterdam and are working hard to bridge the gap between traditional and digital currencies. They support over 50 different cryptocurrencies and allow 8 different payments methods to buy your crypto. Their transaction fee starts at 0.25% and goes down when trading more. The interface is solid and intuitive. The dashboard shows a clear overview of your portfolio value. Once you get acquainted with the basic interface, you can always switch to the more advanced interface with more functions like stop limit orders.

Strong reliable company
Good customer service
Option for Staking
Offers 2FA, IP whitelist and other security measures
Located in Amsterdam with DNB oversight

Not so great
Less known outside Europe

Promo: No transactions fees over your first €1000. Use code 3A656C4D36

Bitvavo offer

Overzicht exchanges

Bitvavo Coinbase Binance Waves Kraken
# coins
Customer service
Extra options
Promo Free transaction fees Free $10 5% kickback 0.3% reward on USDN Go to Kraken


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